Watch the 2020-21NBA Finals for free via BestIptViview with a 3-day free trial


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The 2020-2021NBA Finals are underway. Watch the highlights of the NBA with BestIptViview, a 3-day free trial.
This bestiptViview service has a lot of channels, the PVR feature is absolutely great when you want to record sporting events, so you won't miss anything, it's also a cloud PVR, so you don't need an extra kit, it's all done through the app. I like to watch rugby league and football, and the recording function is excellent when they are at the same time. Just go to the channel you want to record, find the programme in the TV guide, click on it and voila, it will ask you if you want to record it. It's as simple as that, so you just have to look at it at your leisure. Not speaking well enough about service. I know the price seems a little higher than other IPTV services, but trust me, when you try these people, you will understand how much better ATV is. One of the best things is that they're giving you a 3-day free trial, yes, 3 days, which gives you plenty of time to try out the service,