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[TVZOND-HD] - Premium channels for all devices, 14 days Catch-Up, Multiroom


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Main advantage of TVZOND-HD - unlimited access to the content, which will be streamed over the internet. This offer includes over 500 television stations in multiple languages such as German, Russian, Polish, Turkish, Arabic, as well as a worldwide access without the need of a satellite or cable connection with a quality equivalent to an HD-Signal.

Overview of new Features and Innovations:

• Multiroom function: You can use up to 3 devices in the same time (same IP address). One login = 3 devices in the same time

• Improved server infrastructure

• Up to 14 days archiving

• Improved device support (via PlugIns, Apps, etc.)

• Web interface login for enhanced client and reseller usability

1. Check our channellist attached - View attachment Channellist_Zond_User.pdf.zip

2. Devices / How to watch:

a) Set-top-Boxes MAG series - Portal address: ask us for the link
To get the user interface on the full screen, the Grafik resolution must be in the video settings to 720 x ( inner Portal/Settings/Video settings/Grafik resolution).

b) To watch online via web browser: ask us for the link
VLC web browser plugin must be installed.

c) different Playlisten to download, you can find in client personal cabinet: ask us for the link

d) Player for different computer operating systems (you can download them also in personal cabinet)

e) we support also Samsung SmartTV, Sogno SmartTV, Enigma2 receiver, DUNE HD STBs.

f) Kodi/XBMC via .m3u playlist (download it in the personal cabinet) or via own XBMC-Add-onn with EPG/Catch-Up/VoD support.

3. Prices: 15€ month, 140€ year

4. Payment: SEPA or PayPal as Family/Friend transaction

Take your 3 days free test now to test our new improved IPTV service.


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@ Dear On.

We don´t have 1000+ shit channels, because we don't exchange with our quality streams from our own head-end with other iptv-provider like many here. We have many HD channels you can check the channel list attached in the first post.
We provide also up to 14 days catch-up (archiving) for our streams.



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Sports and movies contents are the same in every package only the channel logo changes!

But Quality channels are dispersed (BBC Brit, BBC Earth, RT , ARTE, Ushiua, Planete, Filmbox Arthouse, Film1 Sundance, SkyArte.. )

Good, Thx
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Sounds great, especially the Catch Up service which I have not seen elsewhere. Can I please test? I will be using Kodi :)