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good morning
I'm new and French.
I bought a skybox with F5S ali3601hd-01-08-2013 0A5F.
I made a backup, I installed the channels but there is no French channels,all is encoded.
I do not have a subscription.
I do not have CCcam.cfg.
I do not have a c-line
thank you for your help


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Search for one of the cccam providers on here and request a test line from them. You can manually enter the cccam line details in to your f5 box via the menu system under the "network settings" sub menu. Search on youtube for "how to" videos it is very simple.


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pecqeps - you must find a test line that you are happy with, then you must purchase a subscription and pay the server to allow you to access channels. Example = 1 month, 6 month or 12 month