Setting up a Swap File on the Rear USB Outlet (AZBox)

Plug in a USB stick with at least 250mb capacity and FAT formatted into the rear port.

Start a telnet session with your AZBox from the command prompt or puttytel.

As follows:

Enter: telnet

The screen's response - MMP login:

Enter: root

The screen's response - password:

Enter: azbox

The screen's response - MMP[~]$

Enter: dd if=/dev/zero of=/DATA/usb1/sda1/swapfile bs=1024 count=102400

The screen will not update for about two minutes, after that, the screen will then respond - MMP[~]$

Enter: mkswap /DATA/usb1/sda1/swapfile

The screen's response - MMP[~]$

Enter: swapon /DATA/usb1/sda1/swapfile

The screen's response - MMP[~]$

The Swap File is now setup, in order to verify it is there, Enter: free

The screen's response will be something like this:
total used free shared buffers
Mem: 101500 93592 7908 0 2816
Swap:102392 0 102392
Total: 203892 93592 110300
The Swap File is now active until the next re-boot.

To reactivate after a reboot, set up a telnet session as above and re-enter the following two lines:

mkswap /DATA/usb1/sda1/swapfile
swapon /DATA/usb1/sda1/swapfile

The Swap File is set up on your USB stick is permanent and need not be re-entered.