@samfrwanc scammer take care


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Be carefull with this guy, im not sure how the hell he is ''moderator'' from this forum, we've talked on telegram and make a deal about a prive for reshare nlines and after y paid him he didnt send me the nlines and after that blocked me instantly, here i have the pics.

The deal was 200€/year but i told him to pay him month by month where he agreed, after he received the money he started to say ''OHH I DIDNT KNOW I DONT KNOW ENGLISH TOO GOOD'' ''SEND ME 50USDT MORE AND I GIVE YOU''.

When i said im not gonna send you more money because that wasnt de deal he instant blocked me. Here the pics

And for those thinking it was a guy pretending to be him, NO, it was him. Shame he is moderator and scamming people out of there.

@samfrwanc scammer
@samfrwanc scammer
@samfrwanc scammer