Mag 254 HDMI Problem

Jack Jumpin

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Since I got my 254 I have had problems with hdmi and sony tvs, it seems the output of the 254 causes the tv to try various different resolutions, I got it working some how.

After updating to r8, hdmi does work tv says no signal after the blue loading screen, I have tried rolling back to r7, but still got the issue even if i try 720 or 1080. I can get it to work via the composite tv output.

Can anyone help or have I got a dodgy box ?


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hi murgy.
will that mean i do not need hmdi any more ??
I know I've pm'd you but murgy has a good point, get your mag working by using the coloured AV cables then go to settings to change the settings to 1080p then put hdmi in and remove your coloured AV cables, hopefully that'll work!