LED Price Signs factory


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Well-designed LED gas price signs, various sizes available, multiple colors optional. All the digit numbers are well designed, beautifully looking and practical use.
1) Digital LED Module, packaged with epoxy, waterproof and against ultraviolet
2) High brightness, and equipped with auto-dimming sensor, suitable for all day long ruse
3) Available Color: White, Red, Green, Blue, Yellow/amber.
4) RF wireless control
5) Iron and aluminum alloy case available.
sizeUSA:8.8.8 9/10PowerN.W
12"92*40*7cm50.4 Watt12.0 Kg
15"110*45*7CM67.2 Watt16.0 Kg
18"122*53.3*7CM100.8 Watt20.0 Kg
20"132*60*7cm117.6 Watt23.0 Kg
22"145*64*7cm174.8 Watt27.0 Kg
24"154*68*7CM302.4 Watt30.0 Kg
32"208*92*7CM640.0 Watt40.0 Kg
Easy system operation and reference connection diagram.
The fuel price signs, are widely used at the gas stations, to show the price information, due to its high brightness, the price signs are viewable at a long distance. What’s more, at night time, the brightness will be reduced automatically, to be eye-friendly. LED Price Signs factory