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What is IPTV?
IPTV enables you to watch your favorite TV channels through you Internet Protocol (IP). Thus if you have an Antenna, a Sat Receiver, and fiber optic cable and and Internet connection (MODEM and the related devices) as well as a set top box or a computer, then you can watch your favorite channels through joining to a streaming network. The set top box pr the computer facilitates the decoding of the digital data to be watchable on you TV.

Three Types of IPTV
There are three types of IPTV. Time shifted, live TV and VOD. Time shifted IPTV makes its programs available to subscribers using a web based streaming video player. It's an online procedure. Time shifted IPTV enables you to watch your favorite programs whenever it is more preferable for you (i.e. with a time shift from the real time showing of the program). Live IPTV or live simulcasting enables you to watch the channels and programs online as they are being broadcasted. VOD which stands for Video on demand enables you to select a program from a list and watch it after paying for it.

How does IPTV work?
the digital data are sent through radio waves to your TV by being beamed to a rooftop antenna such as a satellite dish receiver. The Sat receiver transmits the waves to electrical data which is decrypted on your TV device. IPTV enables you to store programs and choose from a list of channels and programs. IPTV also enables preparing programs by a compression and buffering procedure. moreover IPTV needs streaming of the programs which is also called IP unicasting and multicasting.