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IPTV-KING Best Pro Quality Low Price, Local Sreams with 10 Dedicated Servers +2000 Ch

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Done with the pie in the sky & the back of the pack?
Wishing to afford a genuine, freeze free & unforgettable IPTV journey?
No more worries:
IPTV-KING is your Ticket!

Enjoy the privilege
Test IPTV-KING Servers for FREE!

Our dedicated Servers & best-Quality locally produced streams put at your service
More than 2500 channels, PPV & VOD!

It’s high time to walk the EXTRA mile with YOUR:
Mag, Enigma2, PC, Kodi, XBMC, Simple TV, Android, IOS..

Be it ONE or FULL purchased package(s), The CHOICE is all YOURS

So SuBsCriBe & make the Best out of it!

Packages Offered:

Sky Uk Full With EPG and HD channels : + 165 Channels including Box Office

Sky Italia + Mediaset + Premium IT Full With EPG And HD Channels: + 150 Channels Including Prima Fila

French Full HD With EPG: + 130 Channels Including A La Carte

German Full HD With EPG: + 100 Channels Including Sky Select

Spain Full HD: + 60 Channels Including Tequilla

Portugal Full HD: + 50 Channels

Netherlands Full HD: + 50 Channels

Nordic Full HD With EPG: + 70 Channels (Canal Nordic, Viasat...)

Turkish Full HD: + 60 Channels Including Salon

US Full HD: + 70 Channels

Poland Full HD: + 60 Channels

Greec: + 40 Channels

Arabic Full HD: + 300 Channels Including ART

OSN & Bein Movies Full HD: + 30 Channels

Balkan Full HD: + 250 Channels (Pink, Tring, Digitalb, Digi Romania..)

Asian: + 80 Channels (Zee, B4U, Star, China, Japan..)

Music Full HD: + 40 Channels

World: + 300 Channels (Malta, Africa, Caribian, Latine, Bulgaria, Hungary, Armenia..)

Russia Full HD: + 50 Channels

Adult Full HD: + 35 Channels

Sport Package Full HD: + 300 Channels from All Over the world, including Sky Sports HD, BT Sports HD, Sky Sports Box Office, Sky Italia Sport & Calcio HD & Premium Sports, Bein Sports Full HD French and Arabic, EPL Channels Live Sports, Sky Germany Sport Full HD, Balkanian Sports Channels Full HD (Tring Sports, Super Sport, Arena Sports, Sport Klub..), Turkish Sports Channels (Lig TV, Tivibu Spor..), Spain Full HD Sports Channels, Netherlands Sports Channels Full HD, USA Sports Channels Full HD (TSN, Fox Sports, Astro Sport..), Nordic Sports Channels (Viasat Sports, TV2 Sport Danmark, C More Sport..), Asian Sports Full HD ( CTH Stadium Full HD, Star Sports Full HD..), Portugal Sports Channels Full HD, Some Polsat Sports Channels, Russian Sports Channels Full HD..

Unchallengeable Prices:

FULL Packages:
1 month: 20 euros
3 months: 50 euros
6 months: 80 euros
12 months: 120 euros

One Package with its sports channels:
1 month: 15 euros
3 months: 30 euros
6 months: 50 euros
12 months: 70 euros

Sport Package ALONE:
1 month: 15 euros
3 months: 40 euros
6 months: 60 euros
12 months: 90 euros

Payment Via: Paypal, Neteller, Western & Moneygram.

Lots of VOD & movies in Vogue!

Panel & Exclusive Discounts are also available for Resellers

Get better than the Best

Available Live Support 24h/day Via Skype: IPTV-KING

Email: [email protected]

Why hesitate when you can get it NOW?

Type your email, specify both your device/target package & master your own experience!

Can’t wait to hear from you!


UPDATE 28/05/2016:
For ALL, and ITALIAN Specially, we offer now ALL working FULL Sky Italia from locals ! No one have them and only for our clients, we don't sell streams for them ! Come and test, all abuse of channels will be banned.
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On weekend the test last only 2 hours for preventing non serious persons of watching only matches and no return after tests !



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All tests sent.

I'm not a reseller, I run my own IPTV Professional Server with many own streams ! Original IPTV-KING streams.

Welcome to all, also resellers.

Trusted server and Most Serious one !


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Excuse me for my English my native language is french and I use Skype translator to translate, thank you for your understanding.
Is all the channels that you propose in your subscription belong to you?
The test lasts how long?
Thank you.
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