IPTV (Good service providers?)


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I know this thread is for scam services, but the other IPTV thread is only people advertising. I am wondering if people can share the services that are good for HD IPTV. I am looking for international football (UK, Italy, Netherlands, BeIN, France, Russia, Germany) with the most HD, reliable, and hopefully some 7-day rewind.

Who is good?

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mikejc01 is the guy for Super Iptv streams . For me this is the best , quality based . It doesnt have Bein or some channels you may want but you can have others in full HD . I dont remember missing any match .
If you like send him a message for a test, i dont know if it is still a free test though. Even if you have to pay for test , believe me its totally worth it


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I have been signed up with StreamKing for a long time now and I would highly recommend him to anyone. In terms of both the quality, reliability and service of both the IPTV package and his own personal customer service, he goes way out and beyond other providers. See Post #3046 in his own thread.