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Forum Rules
1-) All posts must be written in English. Except local languages part.

2-) Don't spam/abuse any other member via e-mail or Private Messages.

3-) if you want to buy or sell cardsharing services first keep in mind that sales/purchases between members are the sole responsibility of the buyer and seller.This web site ( ) and administrators,can not be held responsible for any problems which may occur in any transaction.

4-) Not Advertisement any web page or forum or etc.

5-) Don't post any information about peers or your own DLine, this include host, password, box id.

6-) Putting personal E-mail adresses on the open forum forbidden. If you want to message somebody use pm. You can give e-mail adresses only on pm

7-) Forum Moderation: If it is prooved that somebody has more than 1 account. All of his messages and topics will be deleted. And login to the forum will be denied

:cool: not write paid server on the forum, it is forbidden

9-) It is illegal to view European PAY-TV channels within Europe Without a subscription!
The information and freeware on this site is meant for educational purposes only!
The webmaster, designers and owner of this domain can and will not be held responsible for any damage
done by illegal use of the information that could be provided on this site. By entering this site you agree to these terms!

10-) I would like to stress expressly that I did not have any influence on the organization and contents of the linked pages.
Therefore I dissociate hereby expressly from all contents of all linked pages on these homepage and do make myself
not appropriated. This assertion applies to all linked sites on my page

14-) change/exchange threads/posts must open,write only under change/exchange section