Flussonic latest version fully auto and easy installation


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As far as I remember, in neighbour topic people told that you are a thief, you took money and disappeared.


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Flussonic 21.03 Nulled

Key features:
– This is Last Official Flussonic version
– Automated installation process
– Can be started offline (even with unplugged internet cord)
– Systemd start/restart operations work flawlessly

– ALL Functions Work
– Support OS: Ubuntu 18 ( for now )
– Without Watcher ( for now )

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Flussonic 21.10 license only for members of this cs-vipshare forum, you can contact me privately.
Stop paying hundreds of euros for the version you can download for free.
Also for those who say it's a backpack package, I'm still waiting to prove it with real evidence and not just words.

Because the administrator allowed me to post here, all members receive the Flussonic 21.10 version as a gift (Compared to other forums where I was not allowed to post because it violates the internal rules)

Other forums did not allow me because there are too many who sell for money and we ruin their business.
Download Here