Companionship is the best gift for a mother


CSVipshare User
I have never seen my mother be so happy as I laughed yesterday, just because I went home to accompany her for Mother's Day.
Yesterday morning, I got up and bought a bunch of flowers and my mother's favorite cakes to knock on my mother's door. My mother was a little surprised when she saw me, after all, I told her earlier that I had a date today. In fact, I was trying to surprise my mother.
Later, my mother prepared the rich food, and we walked in the yard after dinner, and my mother also remembered when she was young. After the meeting, we watched the TV on the sofa. My mother was excited to tell me that since I helped her change into GTVIPTV TV, she could learn to do more delicious for us to eat on TV. Seeing my mother happy like a child, I began to blame why I didn't accompany my mother and was glad that it was not too late now.
I love you, Mom!