ATV IPTV – Best IPTV for football and sports


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Live Sports, PPV & Sports Replay
If you pay to watch Pay Per View events, this is a lot of cost for you. The ATV app now allows you to watch all UFC main events and PL matches. There is no additional charge for watching these events.

If you want, You can binge-watch all of the matches of the current Premier League season (I mean no one does that but it’s still cool). You can catch up on any previous matches you may have missed.

Core Features of ATV Extra:
1. Catch Up: ATV Extra provides you with the 7-day catch-up (playback function for 200+ Valued & Important channels). You can enjoy your favorite Sports and TV Shows whenever you want with ease.

2. Cloud PVR: ATV Extra Package with Cloud PVR Function (Record Function, Saving in the cloud forever), If you want to record your favorite TV shows, movies, and live sporting events, cloud DVR is an important feature to consider when choosing a live TV streaming service.

3. Family Package: ATV Extra supports family packages, You can purchase a cheaper Sub Device code to use on the family’s second or third device.ATV Extra can be used as a Multi-Room/Multi-Device IPTV, allowing you to save money and have more family fun!

If you’re just a regular guy who every so often watches TV channels and sports, you should stick to the ‘ATV‘ option. If you’re the type of person who doesn’t want to miss any of your favorite TV programs or sporting events and got a family with many numbers, ‘ATV Extra‘ is the way to go.

Free Trial
ATV offers a free IPTV trial for a three-day period during which customers can evaluate the service to see if it meets their needs.

I highly recommend all users try the service before purchasing a subscription.