Amiko Alien Triple tuner


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Hi Kakaa,
I have Amiko Alien2+ triple receive and have any question......
Where is the better enigma2 image that can use a cccam emulator?
If I use a mgcamd1.35 emulato in where files put a CWS line?

Hello Laser

Sorry to answer your question so late. Actually I was away for two months. Hope you will accept my apologies.

Now about your question.......... You can use oscam, Where you can use all lines but the question is what system you want to use..... Spark or Enigma?


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Hi there, ive lost all my fta hd channels on my Alien 2+ triple tuner stb , I guess the frequency on each has been changed, do you have an updated channel list or know where to get one that's in xml format that is compatible with this box? Cheers in advance