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XtrixTV IPTV offers live TV of sports, news and highlights movies, and even grid 7Days EPG, 7Days Catch UP(replay), and cloud PVR capabilities (Plus version). No freezing, no buffering. Enjoy the latest live sports and movies at home!

Why XtrixTV?
- Stable service

Since 2015, our GTV is a reliable IPTV service, with HD live channel sports, VOD content features, for the world, mainly for the European market.

It has high-quality standard and HD live channels, especially hot and wonderful sports live channels, as well as more than 3000 latest movies.

-catch up
Multiple subtitles, 7DAYS EPG & FAV. XtrixTV Plus has over 200 premium channels available for 7 days of catch-up (playback).

- PVR package
XtrixTV Plus edition with recording function (cloud PVR function), one subscription code can record 20 files /40 hours, can be saved forever!

- For Android devices
XtrixTV IPTV subscription is compatible with smart TVs from Samsung, LG, SONY, and all Android TVs; Activation is fully automated without your intervention or technical knowledge. Our IPTV service is also compatible with Android TV BOX, Android smartphones, and tablets, Smart TV, Firestick, Nvidia Shield...

- 3 days free trial before ordering.
Try our free 72HRs trial to see if our IPTV service is right for you.

- Family Package (multi-device)
Family packages are mainly for families. When you have our XtrixTV IPTV version subscription code, you can purchase sub-device codes for your family on 3rd / 4th devices!
Note: a code only applies to one device

- Stable IPTV service without buffering and freezing (need stable Internet).
- You will receive a 100% satisfaction guarantee.
- You can get 24/7 customer service.
- Code sent to you immediately after ordering.

About our store:
From the home page, you can get an introduction, a 3-day free trial, and a subscription plan. But before you make any application, please register first.
For the download page, we need the customer to log in before downloading.
We also created support pages and dealer pages.